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The Esoteric Background of Waldorf Education : The Cosmic Christ Impulse

The Esoteric Background of Waldorf Education

For Waldorf teachers and those interested in the spiritual basis of Waldorf education.

The Leitmotif of this book is inspired from [the following] passages in the fifth lecture of Education as a Social Problem, given by Rudolf Steiner in Dornach on 16 August, 1919, shortly before the opening of the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart:

One should not look superficially at the so-called cultural phenomena of our age. Nor should one doubt that modern human beings have to arouse themselves to a real comprehension of the Christ Impulse if evolution is to go forward in a healthy way. . . .

This is also something future educators and teachers must take into their consciousness. . . . One must teach out of an awareness that one has to bring about salvation in the case of every individual child; one has to steer him towards finding the Christ Impulse in the course of his life, towards finding a re-birth within himself. . . .

Such things must not live in the teacher as mere theory; they can be introduced into one's teaching only if one is strongly taken hold of by them in one's own soul. . . . ‘The best in me as a human being of this and following incarnations is what I find in myself as the Christ Impulse.' . . . We must, however, be clear that this Christ Impulse must not be the dogmatism of some religious body. . . .

Human intelligence left to itself travels on the path towards the Ahrimanic; it can become active for the good only through taking in the true Christ Impulse.

Rene Querido (1926-2004) was multi-national. He taught, lectured, and wrote on Waldorf education and various anthroposophical themes in French, German, Dutch, and English. He founded and advised several Waldorf schools and served as director of Rudolf Steiner College in California for fourteen years.

The Esoteric Background of Waldorf Education
The Cosmic Christ Impulse
5 lectures given to Waldorf teachers in 1993
Rene Querido
Published June 17, 1905
107 pages
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