Getting Old : Excerpts from Rudolf Steiner's Complete Works

Getting Old
This collection of quotes from Steiner's complete works is addressed to teachers, therapists, nurses, doctors, and all middle-aged people, and, of course, to all older people. 
What is the meaning of old age?  What aging processes exist?  What cause such processes?  And one could ask many more questions about the meaning and cause of old age.  Rudolf Steiner gives many answers to these inquiries in his life's work.  One often finds unexpected comments on the geriatric question to elucidate some other theme.  As Steiner says, "We are working towards the future here.  What an old person develops within will work upon organs and bodies in the future, and it will also help to work on things in the macrocosm later on." (GA 55, February 28, 1907)
I. We Must Learn to Become Older Consciously
II. The Course of Human Life
* The Course of Earthly Life: The Portal of Love: Birth, and the Portal of Freedom: Death
* Course of Cosmic Life
* The Courpse-- The Ferment for the Earth
III. Humanity is Getting Younger
IV. Corporealities
* Etheric Bodies Get Younger
* Corporealities from the Viewpoints of Old Age
* The Power of Memory and Forgetting
V. Aging Processes and Their Meaning
VI. Sclerotizing and Life-Bearing Forces
VII. Life with the Dead
VIII. Childhood Impressions Become the Fruit of Old Age
IX. Impressions in Youth May Become Typical Illnesses in Elders
X. Disharmonies in the Way Corporealities Fit Together
XI. The Right Way to Get Old. What Elders Should Do for the Young People
XII. The Fruit of Old Age
XIII. Influences of Lucifer and Ahriman
XIV. Some Laws of Metamorphosis and Rhythms in a Person's Life
Translated from the original German second edition: Vom Alt-Werden. Published by Verlag Die Pforte (im Rudolf Steiner Verlag), Dornach, Switzerland, 1977.
Getting Old
Excerpts from Rudolf Steiner's Complete Works
Rudolf Steiner
Translated by Harold Jurgens
Compilation and Commentary by Gisela Gaumnitz
Published 2009
289 pages
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